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Our training is designed for anyone who works in the health and wellness industry, including (but not limited to) yoga and pilates teachers, social workers, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, personal trainers and physical therapists.  Our 1000 Hour Curriculum makes our program unique in its offering, covering everything from an in-depth look at the yoga sutras, to hands on anatomy, and the variety of application to heal through yoga asana, mantras, mudras, emotional healing and nutrition!

Choose any Primary Stage to begin your Yoga Therapy Journey!  You can complete your program within one year, and have up to three years. Subsequent to the completion of all Modules, you will write your final exam, of which an 85% is required to pass.  Subsequent to passing your final exam, you are awarded your certificate!

Our course is designed so the student can participate in 30 hour group workshops, 70 -100 hour group retreats and online learning.

Our Modules are categorized as follows: 

    PRIMARY   /   SECONDARY   /   FINAL   

  • Primary: are the modules you can begin your Yoga Therapy Journey, in any order.

  • Secondary: are the modules you can completed once all of the primary modules are complete.

  •  stages can be completed in any order, once all of the Primary stages are completed.

  • Final: are the modules that can be completed once both the primary and secondary states are completed.

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