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Our Modules

Our program is divided into three categories:

1) Primary    2) Secondary      3) Final


You can begin your Yoga Therapy journey with us at any module noted 'PRIMARY'.

The 'SECONDARY' Modules are to completed once all primary modules are completed, and lastly, the completion of the 'FINAL' modules is required.

Movement Foundation

   PRIMARY   /   30 HOURS   /   ONLINE    


  • The systems that make up a balanced body and how they work together.  

  • Basic anatomy for the spine and pelvis; including postural analysis.

  • Functional and Neuromuscular Stability & Patterns.

Basic Anatomy & Physiology 

   PRIMARY   /   30 HOURS   /   ONLINE   

  • Cranium and the nervous system. 

  • Setting goals with clients and charting; effective healthcare communication.

  • Precautions, contraindications & Modifications for injury and pain; healing movement sequences for common injuries Medication implications 

Healing Through Movement

   PRIMARY   /   3O HOURS   /   ONLINE     

  • Basic anatomy, neuromuscular stability and firing patterns of our peripheral body.

  • How to create functional stability in our peripheral body in poses and movement.

  • The Science of Pain, Tissue Healing & The Power of Breath. ​

Yoga History

   PRIMARY   /   60 HOURS   /   ONLINE 

  • Explore the timeline and the ancient texts where yoga came from.

  • Dive into the 8 Limbs of Yoga.

  • Study the Yoga Sutras and see how you can incorporate this ancient wisdom into your life! 

Emotional Healing

   PRIMARY   /   70 HOURS   /   RETREAT   

  • Emotional healing tools.  Walk the talk - experience it first, to be a powerful teacher!

  • Effective personal communication skills.

  • Maintaining emotional health.

Emotional Coaching

    SECONDARY   /   30 HOURS   /   RETREAT   

  • Put the tools into action with live case study.

  • Learn how to coach your clients through the tools you have learned in the Emotional Healing Module! 

  • Put your effective communication skills into action!

Powerful Teaching Techniques

   SECONDARY  /   70 HOURS   /   RETREAT   

  • Learn tested powerful teaching tools that will ensure you deliver powerful, confident and authentic asana and meditation workshops.​

  • Practice teach your chosen style of yoga with effective, kind feedback.

  • Practice all styles of yoga & meditation during this module.


   PRIMARY   /   30 HOURS   /   ONLINE   

  • History of Ayurveda & it's link to Yoga.

  • Introduction to Ayurveda.

  • How to incorporate simple Ayurvedic healing into your practice.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

   PRIMARY   /   30 HOURS   /   ONLINE   

  • History of TCM & it's link to Modern Health.

  • Introduction to TCM.

  • How to incorporate simple TCM healing into your practice.

Yoga Nidra & Meditation

   PRIMARY   /   30 HOURS   /   RETREAT    

  • Learn the philosophy and healing benefits behind yoga nidra & different styles of meditation.

  • Experience the healing effects through a minimum of two daily practices of yoga nidra and meditation.

  • Learn how to effectively guide an effective yoga nidra and meditation through the effective teaching techniques..

Subtle Energy Systems

   PRIMARY   /   70 HOURS   /   RETREAT    

  • Study the chakras, nadis, prana and vayus.

  • Experience daily practices to connected deeper to your energetic body, including nutrition, meditation and asana.

  • Learn how to balance your energetic bodies.

Yoga Heals

   FINAL   /   30 HOURS   /   RETREAT   

  • Learn how yoga as a whole can support the healing of common injuries and illness.

  • Learn how to incorporate history and philosophy into yoga healing.

  • Learn how to create a Yoga Therapy Prescription for these common injuries and illnesses. 

Yoga & Pregnancy

   SECONDARY   /   10 HOURS   /   ONLINE   

  • Learn the changes in the female body at different stages of pregnancy.

  • Learn yoga modification & contrainidcations.

  • Learn how yoga can support pregnancy.

Yoga Styles & Class Formats

   PRMARY   /   20 HOURS   /   ONLINE   

  • Learn and practice the common styles of yoga today: hatha, vinyasa, yin and restorative yoga.

  • Learn standard class formats and how to create your own. 

  • Learn the common types of yoga postures and how to effectively cue them with your focus on critical alignment.   In this Module you will pick two styles of asana to focus on for the remainder of your training.

Teaching Methodolodgy

   PRIMARY   /   30 HOURS   /   RETREAT   

  • Learn powerful teaching techniques.

  • Dive deeper into your two chosen style of yoga asana with daily practice and practice teaching with effective methods of feedback.

  • Experience the benefits of the other styles of yoga with daily practice as well.

Bandhas, Pranayama & Mudras

   PRIMARY   /   30 HOURS   /   RETREAT   

  • Study common bandhas, pranayama and mudras, including their history, how to and benefits.

  • Learn how to incorporate these practices into your yoga practice.

  • Learn how to use these tools to support your clients Yoga Therapy Sessions.

Personal Practice

   SECONDARY   /   30 HOURS   /   RETREAT   

  • Learn the importance of a personal practice.

  • Create an anchored personal practice that you can ground with, connect to and sustain.

  • Learn how to effectively support your clients in creating a personal practice.

Workshops Design

   FINAL   /   30 HOURS   /   ONLINE   

  • In this module you will be assigned 3 workshop assignments which you will record and submit for feedback.

  • Receive feedback on your first video to implement to your second.  Receive feedback on your second video to implement on your third.

  • Topics will be assigned individually and will be used to develop your gifts, passions and areas of knowledge.

Yoga Therapy Practices

   FINAL   /   30 HOURS   /   RETREAT  

  • Get to work with real clients in this workshop format.

  • Create your yoga therapy prescriptions.

  • Create follow up plans with your clients.

Yoga Therapy Practices Follow Up

   FINAL   /   20 HOURS   /   ONLINE   

  • Follow up with your clients.

  • Create and submit progress reports.

  • Complete your mentor questions on your reports.


   FINAL   /   30 HOURS   /   RETREAT  

  • Review Yoga Ethics.

  • Create your personal & professional boundaries.

  • Create your professional alignment requirements.

Yoga Therapy As A Business

   FINAL   /   20 HOURS   /   ONLINE   

  • How to market yourself; marketing do's and don'ts, powerful networking

  • Continuing Education, Market Value & Possible Careers

  • Creating a business plan to support your Yoga Therapy Career.

   SECONDARY   /   30 HOURS   /   ONLINE    

  • What is modern nutrition? Diet myths exposed.

  • The importance of knowing your food.  Simple detox. 

  • How to use The Pura Vida Lifestyle Log

Modern Nutrition

Emotional Healing Part 2

   SECONDARY   /   60 HOURS   /   RETREAT   

  • A deepening of the emotional healing tools.  

  • A deepening of Effective personal communication skills.

  • Maintaining emotional health.

Emotional Healing Part 3

   FINAL   /   10 HOURS   /   ONLINE    

  • Your final individual assignment will be assigned during this module. 

  • Your assignment will deepen your practice and knowledge on the Emotional Healing Tools.

  • Your assignment will further your own personal evolution.

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